Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your feets too big: The power of the foot ?

"Oh your feets too big
Don't want you cause your feet's too big
Mad at you cause your feet's too big
I hate you cause your feet's too big
Oh your pedal extremities are colossal"

Fats Waller

History has shown in the presence of an epidemic of a sexually transmitted disease greater emphasis was placed on foot erotica. This phenomenon was never so convincingly witnessed as in the aftermath of the 80's AIDS epidemic. Interest in pedal sex materials both soft and hard boomed. In the Economist's review of the sex industry they identified "foot fetishism" as a growth area while"...readership for most mainstream soft-core magazines ...has plummeted. The industry is reckoned to be worth billions of dollars, globally.

Reference to foot iconoclasm abounds in today’s advertising and promotions and the fashion cat walks are full of references to the power of the shoe. Moral activists have condemned foot fertishism for many years, branding the practice pornographic yet actual fact foot sex is by its very nature a segregate coitus and unlikely to fall in to any existing definition of obscenity. This has not stopped moral crusaders from branding the practice as obscene, degrading and pornographic. Foot fetish sites are now freely available on the World Wide Web and some authorities claim the renewed objectification of the foot in Equus Eroticus is a demonstrative example of post-modern female power.

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