Friday, March 6, 2009

Candy Feet: Sweet Toe

Toe-Food Chocolates & Candy was started by Mark Wolpa (a podiatrist) who came up with the idea of sending a chocolate foot to referring doctors as a unique holiday gift. He then offered the products to other podiatrists who he thought would also like the concept. The idea was such a hit that he decided to start the business as a part-time endeavor, which soon developed into a full-time commitment. The company dispenses orders from people who want life-size chocolate feet to send to a business or prospective employer with a note that says ‘Thanks for letting me get my foot in the door.’ The company enjoy helping customers develop clever taglines tailored to their needs such as ‘A toe-ken of my appreciation for your time.’

Toe-Food Chocolates & Candy supply all manner of customers including: personnel agencies, medical equipment companies, freight lines, as well as those unemployed looking for jobs. The company love helping customers develop taglines tailored to their client’s needs, such as ‘A toe-ken of my appreciation for your time.’ Every year the company develops a new product and has over 25 trademarked items, including: Mistle Toes(R), Valentoes(R), and Happy Feet(R).

Part of the company’s sales goes to local food banks as well as the Fund for Podiatric Medical Education. Toe-Food Chocolates & Candy has increased its sales 100% in the last financial quarter and the hope is this will continue. Needless to say footman, Mark Wolpa is delighted his unique products have found a way to try to help stimulate the depressed business climate.

Dr. Wolpa is Chief of the Podiatry Dept. at Alta Bates Summit Hospital in Berkeley and has authored books and articles, including a children’s book, Tommy’s Toe-rific Adventures. He has patented a sports innersole, has a medical device that is patent pending, and is one of the first doctors to offer a new laser technology to treat fungal toenails.

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