Friday, March 11, 2011

Foot fetishist faces time

Michael Fells, 28, is possibly the first known serial foot molester. He convinced women that he was taking some massage and reflexology courses and needed subjects to practice on. Fells would then tell these women, who ranged from 30 to 50-years-old, that he needed to put a blanket over them as part of the process. Despite the blanket and foot calluses, many were able to recognize that Fells was incorporating his penis as a massage tool. However, most of his victims didn’t come forward until after he was arrested. He never threatened them or used violence, and many thought the crime too absurd or embarrassing to report. Fells eventually called the police to save himself from two of his accusers’ boyfriends. Police found him cowering under a porch. If convicted, this will be the second time Fells serves time for molesting women’s feet.

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  1. I experienced this in Seattle WA yesterday-the kid told me the same story but I did not give him my foot-I let him take my hand though-he began to massage my hand and I could tell immediately something was wrong by the way he was breathing hard and moving his legs-i pulled my hand away and left-this was at the ferry terminal in seattle -I wish I had realized what was going on I would have reported him