Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Foot Hookers in heat

Some women in New York City are capitalizing on foot fetishes. The New York Post reported recently working as a "foot hooker" can be lucrative and a safe way to earn extra money. One woman interviewed by the paper claimed to make $200 for 40 minutes of work. The common practice is for a group of women with pretty feet to gather at a spa and dress in corsets and 5-inch heels. Male fetishists (footmen) pay a $100 entrance and choose a girl to spend time massaging (and sometimes licking) her feet. A popular choice is small feet with accentuated curves and straight toes. On average a foot play session can last 40 minutes with napkins, lotion and wipes all supplied. Many of the foot models are young students supporting themselves through study and because they do not remove their clothing or participate in sexual intercourse they cannot be charged with prostitution. Successful foot hookers have multiple footmen.

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