Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hairy legged young ladies

A Chinese company have introduced new ‘hairy leg’ hosiery with the intention to help women ward off unwanted male attention. Designed to help young women try to avoid uninvited attentions in public areas such a subways etc, the leggings resemble fleecy textured lace tights which give the outward appearance of hairy legs. Despite hundreds of responses to try to buy the novelty leg warmers seems access to suppliers on the net has proven difficult. Leading many to believe the "anti-pervert tights" (as they have been called) are a cyber joke. However joke or not the interest in the hairy hose would suggest these could be a big seller. Footnote Whilst most people are not attracted to hersutism a small percentage of the population are and may find hairy legged young ladies very attractive.

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