Saturday, September 6, 2014

Copulating Feet: Erotic mysteries of the metatarsals

I am most grateful to Raymond K. Locke, a North American Podiatrist for his most interesting case report which appeared in one of the professional magazines a few years ago. It concerned a policeman who complained of a painful foot. He was originally diagnosed as having a condition known as plantar digital neuroma (or Morton's Neuroma). This is a niggling disorder where the nerve supply to the forefoot becomes sensitive, particularly under the third fourth metatarsal heads, sending tingling pains and numbness towards the toes. The pain is acute and comes on suddenly often forcing the individual to stop in their tracts. Removing the shoe helps as does rubbing the forefoot. In very severe cases surgical removal of the neuroma is required.

This fellow had one previous surgical experience but the same symptoms reoccurred two years later. On his second visit to the surgery he confided to his foot physician he experienced pain travelling up his leg, sometimes as high as his thigh, and the pain frequently occurred in his foot during coital orgasm. These symptoms are not usually associated with Morton's Neuron. He was hospitalized, the neuroma successfully removed and later discharged and never to darken the step of the podiatrist again. (one assumes).

Clearly Locke was so fascinated with this interesting case he went on to research the possible connection between neuroma and pain during intercourse. He came across (and I use the words advisedly) the works of Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response and of course, as you are aware, they described the phenomena when orgasm is imminent, the voluntary rhythmical contraction of the thigh muscles and glutei turn into involuntary spasm that remain throughout orgasm. The sex researchers further hypothesised that hands and feet too could also go into spasm at this time. This would result, with some people, in an involuntary extension of the arch of the foot with clawing of the toes. Locke was convinced the symptoms described were directly related. I had a colleague who was naturally skeptical about this and wanted to research the topic for himself. Eagerly he took the earliest opportunity to do so, however just at the critical time (as he waited for his toes to curl) he took a most excruciating cramp. Or so his co-researcher told me. And there were no other witnesses present.

Reviewed 18/09/2016 For some people a foot massage can be highly sexually charged thought to be due to the sensory nerve supply to the feet and genitalia lying adjacent in the brain. This means that ‘tickling’ the feet can have the same effect as ‘tickling your fancy’ (or genital masturbation). However like the depths of dark Loch Ness, the orgasmic foot retains its erotic secrets and reveals itself only to the few.

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